Pendragon 6th Edition Starter Set, boxed roleplaying game


Pendragon 6th Edition Starter Set, boxed roleplaying game, by Greg Stafford

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Pendragon 6th Edition Starter Set, boxed roleplaying game, by Greg Stafford

“It is the age of Pendragon! What kind of Knight will you become?

This is a game of Arthurian legends.

Do you believe in chivalry, or do you think might always makes right? Are you willing to die for your Honor? Will you fight to rid the world of injustice, or use clout and power to take advantage of those beneath you?

Pendragon offers a world that focuses on the emotional impact of play, and strives to make the players feel as invested, loving, and frightened about their characters as those characters themselves would feel. It’s a game that walks a fine line between lethal reality, and the idealism of a visionary life dedicated to the highest values.


The Pendragon Starter Set contains everything a fledgling Gamemaster requires to run a band of freshly-knighted characters through several adventures in the historic fantasy of King Arthur’s Britain.

World, Rules, & Adventure!

The Pendragon Starter Set contains three soft-cover books:

  • The Adventure of the Sword in the Stone is a solo scenario that teaches you the basic rules as you play.
  • The World of Pendragon outlines everything you need to know about the setting and core mechanics of the game.
  • The Sword Campaign is a series of linked, beginner-friendly adventures that take the Player-knights through five in-game years of King Arthur’s reign!
  • Lastly, the appendix sheets additional rules and setting details you’ll discover as you play through The Sword Campaign.


Accessories, Dice, & Knights!

A mercenary knight with a lance and wearing chain

The Pendragon Starter Set box is bursting with content to help you transport your tabletop to the time of the Round Table. The set comes with 18 perforated cards allowing you to generate combat encounters, and quickly reference enemy combat mechanics. The box also contains 8 pre-generated Player-knights, ready for adventure with full-color character art and backstory.

And, of course, no Starter Set would be complete without a set of dice! The box includes 7 dice: 6D6, and 1D20.”

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