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Yes, The Shop on the Borderlands is TEN YEARS OLD, and to mark the occasion, we’re giving you 10% off everything! 10% off roleplaying games, 10% off miniatures, 10% off dice, 10% off board games, 10% off wargames, 10% off fiction, 10% off gamebooks, 10% off art, 10% off magazines, even 10% off birthday cards! (Oh, and when we say “everything”, we mean “everything”, even items already reduced in our Sale!)

All you have to do to claim your 10% discount is to enter “happybirthday” into the coupon box on the checkout page. 




Welcome to the UK’s best selection of new, second hand and out of print roleplaying games. Wish you’d bought that boxed set, adventure or supplement that you saw in a tiny games shop in 1985 and never found again? Well, now you can.

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