Condition Grades

Every item we stock has been thoroughly inspected and given a condition grade as follows:

Mint – Perfect or almost perfect condition, indistinguishable from when it was brand new. As it would have appeared on the shelf of your local games store.

Note that ‘Mint’ products will not be in shrink-wrap. Most reputable ‘bricks and mortar’ game stores do not use shrink wrap and neither do we. If you see old items on sale at other online retailers described as ‘mint’ and in shrink wrap, then bear in mind that the shrink wrap may well have been applied a lot more recently – there is no guarantee that the product underneath isn’t well-used!

Mint & NEW – We sell a selected range of brand new products, mostly from the hottest new RPGs. These are given the condition grade ‘Mint & NEW’. Note that ‘Mint & NEW’ does not necessarily mean that this is a product that has only just been released, just that this particular copy was acquired by us direct from a wholesaler or the original publisher, and has never been sold at retail. Mint & NEW copies may occasionally be in shrink-wrap, but most will not be. Most RPG items that we buy new arrive here from the wholesalers or publishers without shrink-wrap (the ratio is roughly one-third in shrink, two-thirds not), and we do not have a shrink-wrap machine. Where a product has arrived in shrink-wrap, we will usually remove the shrink from one copy to facilitate product photography; this does not affect that copy’s status as “Mint & New”.

Near Mint – Close to perfect, with very little wear, for example slight external scuffing or minor spine creasing.

Very Good – A few very minor deficiencies such as limited external scuffing or creasing.
Good – Complete and in generally sound condition but has clearly been used – for example external scuffing, fading or creasing, minor tears, some internal pen or pencil marks.

Fair – Very well used and showing significant wear and tear – but still usable. Expect to see tears, pen and pencil marks, highlighting, creases, significant external scuffing, stains and marks and loose pages.

Poor – Very significant wear and tear beyond what would be expected from regular gaming use. Expect to see lots of tears, pen and pencil marks, highlighting, creases, significant external scuffing, stains and marks, loose pages, missing covers etc.

Special – See Item Description – See the item description for a detailed description of the item’s physical condition. For example, a boxed set where the box was in poor condition, but the books and maps inside were in near mint condition would be listed as ‘Special’.