We Buy Your Unwanted RPGs!

If you have roleplaying games that you no longer use, or perhaps you inherited a collection of old games, and you want to turn them into cash or store credit, then please get in touch.


We’ve bought a lot of games recently so we have limited space for more.  We are still interested in buying smaller collections, but if your collection is a very large one, we probably won’t be able to accept the whole lot right away.

How to contact us

  1. Send a detailed item-by-item list of what you have to [email protected]
  2. Include your best estimate of each item’s condition. We have our own system of condition grades and we’d prefer it if you referred to that system and used those grades. If any of the items are mouldy, then I’m afraid the best thing is to throw them away. (Brown spots, known as ‘foxing’, are fine.) If any of the items smell of tobacco smoke, you need to tell us.
  3. If you can give each item a condition grade, we’re usually happy to trust you to grade them accurately. Photographs are nice, but not essential if you’re giving each item a condition grade. And don’t send us hundreds of enormous image files. 100kb or so for each image should be all the quality you need to show us an RPG book. Where photos are particularly useful is if an item has some kind of damage and you’re not sure how to grade it, or if it’s a boxed set and you’re not sure if you have all the components.
  4. If you have an idea of how much you’re looking to get for the lot, tell us. Obviously we might disagree with your valuation, but at the very least it’s a good starting point. If our respective valuations are far apart we can tell you quickly and wish you luck. If you have no idea of value at all, that’s fine. We’re very honest about telling you if your collection includes something rare and valuable, and we’ll make you a fair offer.
  5. We’ll reply and we can discuss further.


Our Shipping Address

When you send stuff to us, please include your name and contact details in the box. 

We get a lot of boxes, it helps enormously if you make it nice and clear who to pay for each one!

Please pack your items carefully. Books placed loose in a big box with no padding will get damaged in transit.

Our address to ship to is:

Mark Poles
The Shop on the Borderlands
Llanreath House
Beach Road
Pembroke Dock
SA72 6TP United Kingdom
07876 411284



How We Pay

We can pay in cash or in store credit. We’ll pay rather more in store credit than we do in cash. How much more depends on the type of stock you’re selling us.

When paying cash, we prefer to pay using Paypal’s ‘payment for goods’ service because that provides us with cover against stuff not arriving. Because we have this cover, we are happy to pay you before you ship the items if you’re using the ‘More Involved Method’. You will have to pay Paypal a small seller fee though. For UK sellers this is currently 2.9% + 30p. You’ll need to tell us the email address of your Paypal account. If you don’t have a Paypal account, we can pay by bank transfer, but only after we have received the goods.

Sending and Packing Your Items

It’s important to pack your items well. By far the most important consideration when packing items like RPG books in a box is how much they can move around inside the box. The correct amount is ‘not very much at all’.

Use void fill to fill the gaps between your items and the sides of the box. I would say that any kind of void fill will do, but we once acquired a collection that was packed with old underpants, and we’d prefer not to have to deal with that…

Picking the right courier service is important. We will usually pay the cost of shipping if you are in the UK but we will want you to arrange it. We’re usually happy for you to use Parcelforce, UPS, DHL, DPD, Hermes etc. Don’t pay extra for a faster service, but a tracked service is worthwhile. We recommend using Parcel2Go to compare prices.



What do we want?

  • Any roleplaying game rulebooks, supplements and boxed sets that are in a FAIR condition or better.

But also:

    • Old ‘board and counter’ wargames from companies like Avalon Hill and SPI. Games where the counters are still unpunched are worth more than ones where all of the counters are just loose. If counters of the same type or the same colour are separated into small plastic bags, that’s better than nothing.
    • Rulebooks for wargaming with miniatures.
    • Some board games – typically the more ‘enthusiast’ kind of board games. We really don’t want your old copies of Monopoly or Cluedo! If in doubt, please email us.
    • Miniatures, especially if they’re 25mm/28mm/32mm scale (that is, a human figure is about one inch tall) and predominantly aimed at roleplayers or fantasy or science fiction wargamers. So we’re more interested in an ‘evil wizard’ miniature or a ‘barbarian with battleaxe’ than we are in (for example) a battalion of Napoleonic-era Prussian Hussars. Painted miniatures are almost always worth less than unpainted ones, unless the painting is of a professional standard (be honest!), but we’ll still take painted miniatures.
    • Some fantasy or science fiction novels. We’re definitely interested in fiction that is directly connected to a roleplaying game (for example Dragonlance or Forgotten realms novels), but we’re also interested in other fantasy or SF.  Generally we’re interested in the kind of fiction that roleplayers tend to read. If in doubt, email us.
    • If you have anything else you think we might be interested in, then please get in touch.