Men At Work, boxed board game


Men At Work, boxed board game, by Rita Modl

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Men At Work, boxed board game, by Rita Modl

“Back to work with Pretzel Games!

Men at Work is an exciting competition of ever growing proportions as players construct a building over the course of the game. With beautiful wood components, Men at Work will tower over your table as a monument to fun! Players can expect to find lots of replayability with three different play modes!

Put your helmet on and get back to work!


Men at Work is a brilliantly fun, action dexterity game for 2-6 players set on a building site. It’s designed by Rita Model and published by Pretzel Games. If you’ve not played a dexterity game, they are infuriatingly joyous and have you twitching with excitement and trepidation.”

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