DC Heroes 2nd edition, boxed roleplaying game


DC Heroes 2nd edition, boxed roleplaying game

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DC Heroes 2nd edition, boxed roleplaying game

“The Legend Continues!

Fly through the skies above Metropolis as the mighty Superman. Put your outstanding detective skills to the test as Batman and outwit the evil Joker. Battle the powers of evil throughout the world and beyond as a member of the mighty Justice League International. Imagine it and live it with the DC Heroes Role-Playing Game.

Your imagination is your guide to exciting adventures for your own heroes to battle against the evil plots of sinister villains. Everything you need to become a part of the DC Universe is yours with the DC HEROES Role-Playing Game.

The DC HEROES Role-Playing Game includes:

  • Read This First! booklet with a Batman solitaire adventure (NEAR MINT)
  • The Rules Manual (VERY GOOD)
  • The Character Handbook (GOOD)
  • The Background / Roster Book including game statistics for over 250 characters and featuring essays by Robert Green berger, Jack Kirby, Robert Kanigher, Neil Gaiman, Dan Jurgens and Roger Stern (GOOD)
  • Full-length JLI Adventure: Exposed! (NEAR MINT)
  • Action Wheel (MINT)
  • Full-colour Gamemaster’s Screen (NEAR MINT)
  • 75 Illustrated Character Cards, featuring Justice League America, Justice League Europe, the New Titans, the Suicide Squad, Watchmen and more! (74 present and NEAR MINT)
  • 2 Ten-Sided Dice (NOT PRESENT)
  • Index (NEAR MINT)”

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