WMD, softback adventures for Paranoia (Mongoose)


WMD, softback adventures for Paranoia (Mongoose)

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WMD, softback adventures for Paranoia (Mongoose)

“Four fear-inducing Straight missions by the TRAITOR RECYCLING STUDIO Illustrated by JIM HOLLOWAY

PARANOIA Gamemaster, now you can put your players through entirely new wringers. Evoke amazing, unprecedented kinds of Fear and Ignorance. The four all-new missions in WMD use the Straight play style introduced in the PARANOIA rulebook. That means dark satire, paranoid anxiety and even a halfway decent chance to (gasp!) survive the mission!

–Assuming, of course, your Troubleshooters can overcome threats like these:

  • a Wireless Memory Downgrade that devastated an entire sector (‘Infohazard’ by Bill O’Dea)
  • a Wholesome Meal Distributor with a dangerous new food preparation scheme (‘Hunger’ by Dan Curtis Johnson)
  • a Lobot WMD-1 (‘WMD’ by Beth Fischi and Allen Varney)
  • …and an actual, no-kidding, egregiously powerful Weapon of Mass Destruction (‘Hot Potato’ by Jeff Groves)

For Troubleshooters expecting the charming and high-spirited fiascos that made PARANOIA famous, the tense, suspicion-fraught, nerve-wracking missions in WMD offer a bracing brainscrub.”

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