Vikings (Deep Cuts), 29 plastic miniatures


Vikings (Deep Cuts), 29 plastic miniatures

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Vikings (Deep Cuts), 29 plastic miniatures

“Enter the Jarl’s longhouse where Viking clans come to feast after a battle! This new miniatures set comes with 29 highly-detailed primed figures themed around a Viking town. These miniatures require little or no assembly, and come in clear packaging.

The game box comes with 8 Peg Shield, 2 Fur Covered Benches, 2 Mead Barrels, 2 Shield Stands, 2 Carved Wooden Pillars, an Earl Standing, an Earl Sitting, an Earls Throne, a Male Viking Guard, a Female Viking Guard, a Freeman, a Freewomen, a Farmhand, a Peasant, a Craftsmen, a Long Fire Pit, a Meat Spit, and a Long Table.”

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