Tuala Morn, softback campaign setting for Fantasy Hero


Tuala Morn, softback campaign setting for Fantasy Hero, by Steven S. Long

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Tuala Morn, softback campaign setting for Fantasy Hero, by Steven S. Long

“A Realm of Celtic Wonder and Magic

A land of wondrous adventure amid green hills and dark forests awaits you: Tuala Morn. It’s a place of subtle Celtic magic and bold Celtic warriors, of capricious faerie-folk and wicked trolls, of clan-feuds and cattle-raids, of forest-gods and river-spirits. Ten years have passed since the death of High King Davaine left the realm leaderless, and land and people suffer for it — king fights with king for supremacy, the druidic faith of the Hundred Children vies with the priests of the Golden Temple for worshippers, and Vulkring raiders harry the coasts. There’s work here for heroes… heroes like you.

All this and more you can find in Tuala Morn, which includes:

  • complete information about the history, culture, and customs of the Tualans
    a thorough kingdom-by-kingdom review of people, places, things, and events to interest your heroes
  • character creation guidelines, including a dozen Professional Package Deals for characters like Bards, Druids, and Wizards, and rules for the amazing Feats performed by spear-wielding Tualan warriors
  • Tualan magic, with rules for learning, casting, and using over 100 spells in a unique system of magic
  • the Tualan Bestiary, including character sheets for dozens of faeries and faerie creatures
  • a Gamemastering chapter including secret information not available to the players, plot seeds, and much more!

Raise high your spear and keep your wits about you… it’s time for adventure in Tuala Morn!”

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