Traveller Players’ Forms, accessory for Traveller: The New Era


Traveller Players’ Forms, accessory for Traveller: The New Era

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Traveller Players’ Forms, accessory for Traveller: The New Era

“With a universe of data to keep track of, travelers trying to work their way up to powerful rulers, corporate magnates or star admirals have got their work cut out for them. What, with one’s own personal qualifications, possessions and associates – not to mention starships, mapping and trade information – it’s a full time job just keeping records, forget about all that adventuring stuff. What’s a poor space dog to do?

Well, we won’t pretend that landing yourself in one of the big comfy chairs is exactly easy, but we would like to present a few items to take some of the staring out of your book-keeping. For the young, idealistic starfarer, the wily crotchety merchant, the devious claimant to the vacant throne we present Travleller: The New Era Players’ Forms, containing 14 new forms for organizing, compiling and sorting dats for the maximum effectiveness.

For the Player
New Character Generation Worksheet incorporating useful charts.

New Character sheet with a Possessions and Personal History Register on the back.

For the Explorer
Three scales of maps that allow explorers to map worlds on a global, continental or close-up scale. Because all of these use a common nested hex grid framework, maps can be used to zoom in for unlimited detail.

For the Trader
The Trade Record Ledge allows records of every cargo and passenger run undertaken, with the kind of detail that will make your auditor weep. There’s even a space for recording bribes.

Not just for Players…
Because we’re crafty, we even threw in stuff that referees will love – so you players let them have some too, okay?

NPC pages, for keeping track of those nefarious foes thatyou’re your PC’s every step.

Ammo pages: for keeping track of all the lead and photons you send zinging around.

Animal Encounter Forms: because sometimes 80 tons of charging, slimy, pointy-toothed fury is more fun than PCs should be allowed to have.

Just be careful, because if you have too much fun with this stuff, the players won’t share with you anymore.

For the Naval Architect
The Starship Design Worksheet and Hit Location Worksheet help designers to keep their thoughts and designs organized in a common format. Once they are done, the designs can be recorded on the Ship Data Profile forms, complete with space for an illustration.”

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