Traveller Deluxe Edition, boxed roleplaying game


Traveller Deluxe Edition, boxed roleplaying game, by Marc Miller

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Traveller Deluxe Edition, boxed roleplaying game, by Marc Miller

“The Future Awaits

In the distant days of coming centuries, the way to the stars will be opened by bold explorers and brave adventurers. But the way is open today…with Traveller, the role-playing game of science-fiction adventure in the far future. travellers can roam through space to distant worlds, creating fantastic adventures as they explore unknown planets, meet alien races, and search out the secrets of the universe.

Traveller is a set of rules describing a complete, consistent, yet open-ended universe; within the framework of the rules, players lend their own imaginations to the game as they react, evaluate situations, and decide on courses of action.

The Traveller referee establishes a situation. It may be a job that needs doing, or a rumour of strange races or lost ships, or a thousand other possibilities. The players search for their elusive goal, bargaining for information or profit, fighting for their lives when necessary. They piece together the clues they find, ultimately reaching exotic planets, puzzling out enigmas, and furthering their own ends.

Traveller is adventure in the far future, with situations limited only by the imaginations of the players.


Deluxe Traveller is designed as a newcomer’s introduction to role-playing and to Traveller. It includes the Traveller Boxed Set of three 48-page books (Books 1, 2, and 3), just like the separate boxed Basic Traveller set. In addition, it contains the following materials:

Book 0: An Introduction to Traveller, covers basic details about role-playing in general, and Traveller in particular. Book 0 discusses many role-playing concepts for the beginning player and referee; it helps guide you into the realm of science-fiction role-playing.
Adventure 00: The Imperial Fringe, is a complete adventure for Traveller. All of the basic preparation is pregenerated, and the adventure can be begun once the referee reads through the books.
The Spinward Marches Map is a full four color, 17″ x 22” map of a stellar subsector which is already the subject several Traveller adventures. The Introductory Adventure is set in the Spinward Marches.


Traveller rules cover a wide variety of topics, establishing basic concepts that tell both players and referees how the universe works. Some of the rules topics include:

  • Starships – Complete rules describe the design and construction procedures for starships of the future. Details cover costs, revenues, fighting weapons, and the basics of interstellar travel.
  • Fighting – Rules describe combat between individuals, from brawls and fistfights to small military battles. Weapons available range from knives to lasers.
  • Worlds – Rules cover alien worlds, from the simple parameters of atmosphere and planetary size to the types of animals and people to be found there.
  • And More – Additional rules cover a variety of topics, including personal skills, psionic abilities, equipment that can be purchased or sought, and technological levels showing different rates of achievement.

Welcome to the universe of Traveller!”




  • Book 0 – An Introduction to Traveller (VERY GOOD condition)
  • Book 1 – Characters and Combat (VERY GOOD)
  • Book 2 – Starships (VERY GOOD)
  • Book 3 – Worlds and Adventures (VERY GOOD)
  • Introductory Adventure – The Imperial Fringe (VERY GOOD)
  • Map of the Spinward Marches (VERY GOOD)

The box is in FAIR condition.

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