Tortured Souls! No. 7


Tortured Souls! No. 7


Tortured Souls! No. 7


  • All for a Sword: A Warhammer scenario for 2-3 players and a referee; can be played using the old or the new revised Warhammer rules. A young Templar has stolen the sword of Blar, the chaos warrior, and is hurrying to the temple at Belkane to have it converted to the powers of good. Unfortunately Blar is also heading for the temple, and wants his sword back…
  • Fountain of Life: A unique multi-system adventure (DragonRoar/A&D/Basic) in which the party journey to the Valley of the Foutain of Life to ask the keeper some awkward questions.
  • Contains a complete set of FREE colour floorplans (see center spread). Using these special double-sided plans a “player’s eye view” of the complete scenario can be laid out as the adventure progresses. For use with counters of 25mm figures.
  • Myanaar’s Chance: A seaside temple to the air godess is failing to make reports and the party are sent to investigate. However this will be no holiday, as the unwelcome attentions of headless corpses just mark the start of the players’ problems in this AD&D scenario.
  • To Catch a Thief: “Set a Thief to catch a Thief” the saying goes, and to catch this slippery customer requires the services of someone the Guild can rely on, but who isn’t known locally, and that mean YOU! Unusual AD&D/Expert scenario for a single high level thief.


We acquired these copies direct from the former publisher. They have never been sold at retail, and therefore under our condition grading system, that means that they count as “New” despite being roughly forty years old. The actual condition of each of the “SPECIAL” condition copies is NEAR MINT. The “VERY GOOD” condition copy is also NEW, but is in VERY GOOD condition.

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