Tortured Souls! No. 4


Tortured Souls! No. 4


Tortured Souls! No. 4


This issue of Tortured Souls! contains exclusive details of the pantheon specially formulated for the Zhalindor Campaign, and now appearing in print for the first time ever. This unique and highly detailed system links the spell ability and worship practices of the cleric class to a particular chosen deity. Can be used with Zhalindor or other AD&D campaigns. Also featured in this issue of Tortured Souls! are the following scenarios:

  • Eldrahim: Zhalindor Campaign module designed to introduce the new religions supplement.
  • The Waterfront: A pair of floorplan-based scenarios for AD&D/Basic, featuring riotous goings-on at a seedy waterfront tavern (based on the DRAGONMEET ’84 competition event)
  • The Tomb of the Scorpion King: A unique multi-system solo (AD&D, Expert, RQ, T&T) Deep in the heart of the Kalharza desert lies a maze-like tomb which no man may enter and live. How then can you escape with the Treasure of the Scorpion King?


We acquired most of these copies direct from the former publisher. They have never been sold at retail, and therefore under our condition grading system, that means that they count as “New” despite being roughly forty years old. The actual condition of each of these copies is NEAR MINT. These are the copies listed as being in SPECIAL condition.


We also have one copy that was not acquired direct from the publisher. This copy is in VERY GOOD condition and is listed as such.

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