Tortured Souls! No. 3


Tortured Souls! No. 3

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Tortured Souls! No. 3

“This issue of Tortured Souls! contains full details of how to set up and run the Zhalindor Campaign, including the special spell effects, politics and economics of the Empire and the surrounding lands PLUS a Free colour Campaign map. Also featured are:

  • Galizhard: An exciting town adventure to introduce the players to the Campaign.
  • The Thing in the Attic: A floorplan-based scenario for AD&D or Basic, in which a simple piece of thievery is complicated by the presence of a hideous lurking menace.
  • The Trollball Trophy: A Runequest wilderness adventure. An aging Priest is robbed and murdered, but who would want the missing lead statue, and why?
  • Brohar’s Bane: The demon Brohar is ready to lay waste the kingdom of Ferulian. Only your champion has the means to prevent him in this AD&D solo adventure.”




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