Tortured Souls! Issue One


Tortured Souls! Issue One


Tortured Souls! Issue One


“This issue of Tortured Souls! contains the following scenarios:

  • The Chevalier’s Shrine: Something is amiss at the memorial shrine, and the party are hired to investigate further – will they discover the sinister secret in time? Contains alternative versions for beginnins or experienced players.
  • Tomb of Qadir: Explore beneath the goblin lair in a search for the hidden tomb! The first of the scenarios in the Zhalindor Campaign: these pull out modules are independently playable or can be used as a challenging series for the experienced player.
  • The Rising Tower: The second scenario from the Zhalindor Campaign. A stronghold of fire giants pose initial problems for a higher level party, but the survivors must face a greater peril!
  • The Crystal Keys: A complete ready-to-play solo adventure. The penniless party must scour a forbidding wilderness to locate the dungeon containing Zamhardrar’s legendary hoard with its fearsome guardians!”


We acquired most of these copies direct from the former publisher. They have never been sold at retail, and therefore under our condition grading system, that means that they count as “NEW” despite being roughly forty years old.

We have three different printings of this issue:

  • The first printing has the front cover in black, white and red with a non-glossy finish. These are the copies listed as in VERY GOOD condition (because physically they are all VERY GOOD).
  • The second printing also has the front cover in black, white and red, but this time has a glossy finish. Contents are identical to the first printing. These are the copies listed as in NEAR MINT condition (because physically they are all NEAR MINT).
  • The third printing has the same glossy cover as the second printing, but with the addition of a fourth colour, so that the monster is in yellow, not white. Contents are mostly the same as the first and second printings, except that there is a different introductory page. These are the copies listed as in SPECIAL condition. Their physical condition is NEAR MINT.


We also have one copy that is NOT NEW (i.e. it was not acquired direct from the publisher). This is the one listed as being in GOOD condition (in truth it’s nearer to VERY GOOD). It is a third printing (i.e. the monster is yellow, like the SPECIAL condition copies).

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