Tome of Salvation, softback supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition


Tome of Salvation, softback supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition

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Tome of Salvation, softback supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition

“It is a world of grim and perilous adventure, where loathsome rat-men plot and conspire, where the hordes of Chaos tumble out of the north. One’s neighbour may just well be a vile Mutant, and Witch Hunters prowl the lands, burning and killing any they suspect of being in league with the Ruinous Powers. Mortals have only one recourse in the face of this horror and suffering: the Gods. Yet despite their great power, theses deities are not the sheltering patrons of mortality. Rather, they are inexplicable forces of nature, often as dangerous as those from whom mortals seek protection. They must be placated, appeased and worshipped if their dreadful attentions are to be drawn. Tome of Salvation provides a detailed look at religion in the Empire, exploring faith’s role and function within the nation’s convoluted and complex society. Inside this massive sourcebook you will find:

  • A detailed history of religion in the Empire, filled with fascination details to spark countless adventures.
  • Full entries on each of the gods, including their nature, strictures, priests and more.
  • Extensive overviews of the various expressions of faith in the Old World, covering everything from folk religion to zealots, fanatics and other extremes of worship.
  • Details on other gods, ranging from Bloody-Handed Khaine to Handrich, from the gods of the Orcs to the insane patron of the Chaos Dwarfs.
  • A look at festivals and holy days in the Old World, including a complete Imperial calendar.
  • An examination of the lives of Old World priests, their training and hierarchy, and extensive details on the laity, temple warriors and other affiliated characters.
  • New petty magic and lesser magic spells like Strengthened Resolve and Vow.
  • Expanded spells for priests of the nine major gods as well as spell lists for several minor gods, including Gunndred and Handrich.
  • New rituals, relics and artefacts, including the Pauper’s Box and Jade Amulet.
  • New careers such as the Crusader and Temple Guardian.
  • And much more!

Tome of Salvation is an invaluable sourcebook for both Players and Game Masters, providing useful tools and information for characters of a religious bent and great material from which GMs can build adventures of their own design. With the information contained in this sourcebook, you can stand strong before the gathered hordes of Chaos, emboldened by the power of the gods!”



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