The Rookie’s Guide to Block Wars, softback supplement for Judge Dredd (Mongoose d20)


The Rookie’s Guide to Block Wars, softback supplement for Judge Dredd (Mongoose d20)

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The Rookie’s Guide to Block Wars, softback supplement for Judge Dredd (Mongoose d20)

“Block fighting is a common feature of life in Mega-City One and most citizens can expect to be caught up within one at some point during their lives. Boredom, overcrowding and mass unemployment all combine to set tensions on a razor edge and the slightest incident can spark off a block war within minutes. Once two blocks begin waging war upon one another, the judges must act quickly to contain the violence before it spreads. Battles involving several blocks can quickly spiral out of control as the Citi-Def in neighbouring city blocks watch the escalating combat and argue which side they should join.

Left unchecked, a single minor incident can spark off a war that envelopes a dozen blocks and claims the lives of hundreds of thousands of citizens in less than an hour. Whenever such incidents occur, it is the sworn duty of every judge to put down the unrest as quickly, efficiently and brutally as possible. Any reluctance can only cause the deaths of more citizens.

  • Riots and Block Wars:
    What makes hundreds or thousands of citizens spontaneously perform acts of violence? What is the difference between rumbles, riots, parades and block wars?
  • Block Mania:
    The greatest civil disturbance in Mega-City One’s history was Block Mania. Found out just why the whole city nearly tore itself apart.
  • Mass Combat in Judge Dredd:
    Full rules for mass combat involving anything up to tens of thousands of citizens – play out your own block wars!
  • Maps and Miniatures:
    Detailed guidelines on how to integrate miniatures and maps into scenarios involving mass combat.
  • City Blocks:
    All new rules for creating city blocks, along with their citizens population and Citi-Def units.
  • Characters in Block Wars:
    Adopt the Riot Squad Judge, Jaeger Squad Commando or Block Champion prestige classes. Also includes new feats to be used in mass combat.
  • Weapons & Equipment:
    All new items designed specifically to aid judges and citizens caught up in block wars and riots, from the lethal MarksMan Mk II high velocity rifle to devastating mega-explosives powerful enough to bring down an entire city block!
  • Scenario Hooks & Ideas:
    A wealth of ideas to aid Games Masters introduce their players to the rigours of riots and block wars.
  • Madge Ciccone and Cherilyn Sky Rise:
    Two sample city blocks on the verge of block war, designed to be inserted into any campaign.
  • Street Gangs:
    Sample street gangs ready to be dropped into any scenario to create a rumble!”

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