The Peridot Issue #1, OSR zine


The Peridot Issue #1, OSR zine

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The Peridot Issue #1, OSR zine

“Issue #1 of The Peridot, an RPG ‘zine from the creater of Yoon-Suin.

Contents of Issue #1 (80 pages total) include:

  • A complete new Ancient Mesopotamian starter campaign setting with 30+ keyed hexes, new monsters and NPCs. Battle bulrush demons and scorpion-men, explore a thronged wilderness, forge your destiny in a world still young…
  • A grab-bag of interesting new monsters, NPCs, and magic items, including Heron Men, the Old Comrades, and the Weeping Woodwose
  • A collection of scenarios to “plug in and play” to your campaign, including the Bone Miller, the Ichthyosaur’s Pool, and Pan Chun Mei and Her Wraith Ravens
  • New art and fiction
  • Purple prose”


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