The Oracle 32 – Betrayal, Loss and Revenge


The Oracle 32 – Betrayal, Loss and Revenge

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The Oracle 32 – Betrayal, Loss and Revenge

“Betrayal, Loss and Revenge

Well, it is February right? So we thought, we’ve done relationships (issue 9), Faith, Love and Fantastics (issue 20) so why not flip things on their head a bit with the dark side of love and relationships? We also take the opportunity to explore lost cities and discuss how they might become lost and give some cool examples of lost cities!

Lots of content in this full sized magazine:

Game Advice – Betrayal, Loss and Revenge
Betrayal, Loss and Revenge 6 – 8
When Loss Turns Good People Bad 9
Party Betrayal 10-11
Vengeful Magic Items
Intro 12 – 13
The Pot Of Delicious Demise 14
Necklace Of Strangulation 15
Ring Of Inner Thoughts 16
Bracelet Of Shocking 17
Mask Of The Hidden 18
Shining Greatsword Of Kandisina 19
Past to Present (Inspiration from History)
Betrayal 20 – 22
Wanted: Dead or Alive
Template 23
Madisyn Niscar 24
Vigerath Lamrid 25
Poinsettia 26
Professor Orhan 27
Athuck Jabilorid 28
Venvae Erjeon 29
Quick NPCs to Encounter
6 Vengeful NPCs 30 – 33
Movie Night
Betray, Loss and Revenge on TV 34 – 35
World Building
Quick Maps Part 2 36 – 37
Lost Cities
Intro and advice 38 – 42
City Stomping Monsters 43
Lost City Examples 44 – 51


This is a fully illustrated fantasy RPG magazine that is system-neutral so fits for ANY fantasy RPG game system. Designed in a modern landscape format this is chock full of ideas for you as a Dungeon Master or Games Master.”

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