The Mechanoids, softback roleplaying game


The Mechanoids, softback roleplaying game, by Kevin Siembieda

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The Mechanoids, softback roleplaying game, by Kevin Siembieda

“The Mechanoids are back!

THE SCENARIO: is one of survival and desperation. A non-military Earth exploration colony at the edge of the galaxy has been overrun by aliens. Outside help will arive far too late to provide little more than a eulogy for the dead.

THE ALIENS are a race of maniacal creatures of flesh and machine driven to exterminate all humanoid life. However, these creatures, the Mechanoids, must first extract their vengeance through torture, hideous genetic experiments and mind games before laying their victims to rest.

ANCIENT SECRETS of superior alien technology lies locked beneath the Earth. Weapons, vehicles and knowledge that could help defeat the Mechanoids if only the human can unearth them in time.

THE MECHANOIDS is NOT a collection of the three original Mechanoid Invasion books, but a continuation of the conflicts and adventures found in the first 48-page game book “The Mechanoid Invasion”. This is a fast-paced game of battle, suspense, discovery, death and triumph. It is a streamlined, easily learned game with an emphasis on playability, characterization and action.”

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