The Frequency, softback roleplaying game


The Frequency, softback roleplaying game, by Adam Vass

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The Frequency, softback roleplaying game, by Adam Vass

“The Frequency is a tabletop roleplaying game for one player and one gamemaster. It is inspired by “What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?” by R.E.M. as part of the Record Collection Jam 2020 #ReCo2k20.

In this game, the Character (the pc) finds themself Here-in a world eerily similar to their Home but distinctly different-eerie, unwelcoming, and dangerous. The Character will accomplish their goals by using their physical Traits (mutations) and values/teachings from their Home, while also being tempted by the tools and traditions of the violent world at their disposal that may compromise their sense of self. The Character will cross a hexmap (created by both players during setup) attempting to perform five particular tasks all while using d10 rolls to decipher the 5 digit Frequency needed to return Home.

Players will need 2d10 of different colours or distinctions (the Home and Here dice), a notecard or character sheet, and a piece of paper upon which they’ll draw a simple hex map. A sample character sheet and hex map are found on the last page of the zine.”

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