The Dread House, hardback supplement for Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu and D&D 5th edition


The Dread House, hardback supplement for Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu and D&D 5th edition

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The Dread House, hardback supplement for Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu and D&D 5th edition

“Explore a Dread House of Epic Proportions!

The crumbling manse sits atop a dark hill overlooking the medieval town of Sorenton. Once, Kaseh Tashmere was the shining home of a noble paladin, the bravest and brightest in all the land. But three decades ago it hosted a wedding of vast scale. Almost. Persephone Tashmere, daughter of the great Lord Jazef was to marry the young squire Julyan Flores and live together in bonded love. But on the eve of their wedding, a dark force entered the mansion and slaughtered them, their families, their guests, and their servants. Now, the halls of Kaseh Tashmere are haunted by their ghosts, forced to reenact the moment of their deaths – and the wedding that never was. Held in thrall by an evil spell, they wait for heroes brave enough to break the curse and free them from the torments of THE DREAD WEDDING.

The old Cardell house sits just outside the sleepy Pennsylvanian town of Middleburg. Magnificent in it’s day but abandoned by it’s former owners it has fallen into disrepair, and dark rumors abound of how that came to be. True or untrue, the mansion is now occupied by a caretaker couple known as the Dobbs, who have done their best to keep the place up for the past several years. Though considered harmless, Mrs. Dobbs has recently taken up some strange hobbies – and claims to have spoken to the spirits of those who once lived in the house. She has invited several people to a Seance at which she will prove her claim, and introduce them to a world BEYOND THE VEIL.

On the surface the contest seems like easy money – spend a night in a supposedly haunted house. If you can last until morning you will win the house. But if it’s so easy, why has nobody been able to do it in decades? Why did a contestant die on the doorstep? Why has nobody ever been able to STAY THE NIGHT?

These and other ghost stories lie within the bounds of this dread book. Are you brave enough to read what’s inside? Are you brave enough to enter THE DREAD HOUSE?

Step inside The Dread House
The Dread House is a sweet, full colour book that contains

  • 288 Pages of awesome haunted house goodness. Incredible maps. Cool art.
  • Content compatible with Pathfinder, 5th Edition, and Call of Cthulhu (7th ed).
  • 2 campaigns, 19 adventures, and notes to help GMs and Keepers create the ghostly adventures they want.
  • Ghost Stories by Kevin Andrew Murphy and Richard Lee Byers that enhance the mood, background, and flavor of the two primary campaigns.
  • Adventures for low and mid level characters (PF/5E), and for Investigators of any experience level (CoC). Adventures are built to be easily scaled using Dread Ghost Stat Blocks (see below).
  • A detailed timeline of the house and the majority of adventures within it.
  • 4 versions of haunted houses – castle size, mansion size, manor house, and shack.
  • The castle version (Kaseh Tashmere) and mansion version are presented as settings, with several adventure scenarios that “plug” into them.
  • The manor house and shack present one-shot adventures, and floorplans that Keepers and GMs can easily reuse.
  • A robust appendix with
    • The Dread Ghost, a new villain for creating custom ghost stories. Presented with stat blocks for 10 power levels for Pathfinder, 5E, and CoC so that GMs and Keepers can challenge groups of ANY level.
    • Optional rules for Fear, Sanity, and Soul Points/Soul Damage present flavorful ways for ghosts to harm characters.
    • A few monsters, spells, and magic items related to these rules.

What are you waiting for?”

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