Superpower, boxed board game


Superpower, boxed board game

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Superpower, boxed board game

“Superpower – The Game of Global Exploitation

This is the age of the Superpower…in the eternal power struggle of world affairs, dominance of the Third World is vital. Each player, as the leader of a Superpower, must try to control the most volatile regions of the world by a blend of economic strength, armed force and wily diplomacy. In the players’ way are world opinion, guerilla warfare, and revolution; and with the world as the prize, diplomacy can explode into bloodshed at any time…

Superpower contains:

  • Playing Board (MINT condition)
  • 56 Propaganda Cards (MINT and UNPUNCHED)
  • 84 World Opinion Cards (MINT and UNPUNCHED)
  • 48 Third World Cards (MINT and UNPUNCHED)
  • 6 Sets of Political Influence Pieces (PRESENT)
  • 6 Playing Pieces (PRESENT)
  • 2 Dice (PRESENT).”

The box is in GOOD condition.

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