Star Wars: Force and Destiny Beginner Game, boxed roleplaying game


Star Wars: Force and Destiny Beginner Game, boxed roleplaying game

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Star Wars: Force and Destiny Beginner Game, boxed roleplaying game

“The Star Wars®: Force and Destiny™ Beginner Game is the perfect entry into the Star Wars: Force and Destiny roleplaying experience for players of all skill levels.

With its complete, learn-as-you-go adventure, players can open the box, ignite their lightsabers, and explore their destinies as Force users in the Star Wars galaxy. Pre-generated character folios keep the rules right at your fingertips, while custom dice and an exciting narrative gameplay system advance your story with every roll.

Set during the height of the Galactic Civil War, after the destruction of the Jedi Order, the Force and Destiny Beginner Game contains everything 3-5 players need to begin exploring the mysteries of the Force.

A Complete, Learn-As-You-Go Adventure

With plenty of opportunities for combat, social encounters, moral conflict, and more, the included adventure, Mountaintop Rescue, teaches the fundamentals of Force and Destiny as you play! High up the snow-clad slopes of Mount Tellec on the Outer Rim planet Spintir, you and your allies must travel to an ancient temple and rescue the humble scholar Hethan Romund, one of the few individuals still willing to share any knowledge of the fallen Jedi Order.

Important game mechanics are introduced incrementally as part of the growing narrative. If you need a quick reference during play, simply consult the included perfect-bound rulebook, which includes everything you need to develop your own adventures.
Pre-generated Character Folios Get You Into the Game

The Star Wars®: Force and Destiny™ Beginner Game lets you choose one of four pre-generated characters and jump right into the game. Will you play as a human trained in the arts of defense, a mysterious Zabrak mystic, an agile Togruta seeker, or a lightsaber-wielding Kel Dor able to move objects with the power of the Force? Four handy character folios help you track all the information you need to assume the role of your character.

Each eight-page folio includes a background explaining that character’s connection with Hethan Romund, the Force, and the other heroes. Additionally, quick reference guides cover the basics of the game’s core mechanics, as well as plenty of options for advancing your character during Mountaintop Rescue and into adventures beyond.

Custom Dice Help You Create Engaging Narratives

The custom dice mechanic featured in each of the Star Wars roleplaying games feature symbols for success, failure, and complications printed directly on the dice! Even a successful roll can place you under threat, and even a failure could create some advantage. This system takes all narrative conditions into account, letting players and Game Masters quickly build a dice pool for each task.

While other RPGs’ dice systems determine success or failure as a binary state, Force and Destiny’s custom dice allow for a rich tapestry of narrative possibilities. The ever-present potential for success with complications or failure with advantages adds a host of narrative possibilities.

What Is Included in the Box?

The Star Wars: Force and Destiny Beginner Game includes:

1 32-page Adventure Book, 1 48-page Rulebook, and 1 Introduction Sheet
4 Full-Color Character Folios
1 Full-Color Double-Sided Foldout Map
14 Custom Dice
8 Destiny Tokens and 55 Character Tokens

The Star Wars: Force and Destiny Beginner Game includes all the components that up to five players need to enjoy adventures in the Star Wars galaxy. A four-page intro sheet starts new players on the path to roleplaying adventure with a brief overview and example of play. Then, the 32-page learn-as-you-play adventure book includes thorough explanations of the rest of the contents. As an additional reference, a 48-page perfect-bound rulebook presents the game’s mechanics in a convenient format.

The Star Wars: Force and Destiny Beginner Game also includes four character folios (described above) and one full-color, double-sided foldout map. One side features the lost temple to which the heroes must travel, and the other side depicts select bridges and ruins from the mountainous terrain surrounding the temple.

Using this map, along with the included fifty-five Character tokens, players will easily track their locations and relative positions during the story. Finally, fourteen custom dice and eight Destiny tokens fuel the game’s core mechanic.

How will this product differ from the Force and Destiny Core Rulebook?

The Star Wars: Force and Destiny Beginner Game is a great starting point, whether you’re a new or veteran roleplayer. With additional careers, weapons, ships, talents, and much more information about how to incorporate the conflict mechanic that lies at the heart of the Force user’s experience, the Force and Destiny Core Rulebook will provide a more comprehensive roleplaying experience than the Beginner Game. It is the starting point for a complete line of roleplaying products, including pre-written adventures, sourcebooks with more content for hero players and GMs, and other supplements.

Players who have experience with the Beginner Game will find that while it is essentially the same game that is presented in the Force and Destiny Core Rulebook, it is a more abridged, and easier-to-learn version.

The Mountaintop Rescue adventure, along with the foldout map, character folios, and character tokens are exclusive to the Force and Destiny Beginner Game.

What is Force and Destiny?

Force and Destiny is the third of three standalone, but fully cross-compatible roleplaying systems. Like both Edge of the Empire™ and Age of Rebellion™, Force and Destiny introduces a unique dimension of the Star Wars roleplay experience, and its core mechanics are fully interchangeable with the other systems. Players and GMs can use these materials separately or combine them as they see fit in order to carve out a unique, custom roleplaying experience.

The Beginner Game for Force and Destiny thrusts players into the midst of a daring rescue mission as Force users who have managed to find each other after the fall of the Jedi Order. With pre-generated characters, an abridged rulebook, and a learn-as-you-play adventure, the Force and Destiny Beginner Game is the perfect Force-focused entry point into the Star Wars roleplaying experience.

What is a Roleplaying Game?

A roleplaying game (RPG) is a cooperative storytelling experience. Like many games, it has rules, components, and dice to help describe and resolve the action. Unlike most games, an RPG has no winner or loser and no opposing teams. If everyone has fun, then everyone wins!

The Game Master, or the GM, serves as the judge and the storyteller. It’s his or her responsibility to present an exciting and compelling situation to the other players, and to help determine what happens next when those players respond to that situation. The GM also takes on the role of every character in the galaxy not controlled by another player. Characters controlled by the GM are called Non-Player Characters, or NPCs. GMs can invent their own stories and adventures, or use adventures written by somebody else, like the adventure included in the Star Wars: Force and Destiny Beginner Game.

The other 2-4 players take on the role of individual characters in the Star Wars galaxy. There are four pre-generated hero characters included in the Force and Destiny Beginner Game. If you are a hero player choose one of the character folios and keep it in front of you; It will explain the character you’ve chosen to play and give you a lot of information about how to play the game. Over the course of the game you will choose what your hero does and says, and use the dice and game rules to determine whether you succeed or fail. Characters controlled by hero players are called Player Characters, or PCs.”


The components are all in MINT condition, but the box is in GOOD condition.

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