Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game


Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game

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Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game

“Gather your friends and prepare for adventure in the Star Wars galaxy! Whether you’re new to roleplaying games or just new to Edge of the Empire, the Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™ Beginner Game is the perfect starting point.

The Edge of the Empire Beginner Game features a complete, learn-as-you-go adventure and contains everything 3-5 players need to roleplay on the edge of the Empire. Pre-generated character folios keep rules right at the your fingertips, while custom dice and an exciting narrative gameplay system make every roll into a story. Detailed rules provide for hours of entertainment in a galaxy far, far away! While the Edge of the Empire Beginner Game can be enjoyed by players of any skill level, it is designed for players new to roleplaying games.

A Complete, Learn-As-You-Go Adventure

Learn as you play with the included adventure, navigating the suns-blasted streets of a small Tatooine town in hopes of securing your own spaceship. In Escape from Mos Shuuta, you and your allies will race to escape the pursuit of Teemo the Hutt (the adventure’s villain), as you attempt to steal a ship and fly to new adventures on the outskirts of the Empire.

With plenty of opportunities for combat, social encounters, and more, Escape from Mos Shuuta teaches the fundamentals of Edge of the Empire as you play! Thrusting players directly into the action, Escape from Mos Shuuta begins with a desperate escape from ruthless thugs, and ratchets up the action from there. All the while, pertinent mechanics are introduced incrementally as part of the growing narrative. But if you need a quick reference, simply consult the included perfect-bound rulebook, which includes everything you need to know to develop your own adventures.
Character Folios Include Everything You Need to Know

The Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™ Beginner Game lets you choose one of four pre-generated characters and jump right into the game. Will you be a Wookiee mercenary or a human smuggler? A Droid colonist or a Twi’lek bounty hunter? The choice is yours, and the convenient character folios present all the information you’ll need.

Each eight-page folio includes a background explaining that character’s connection with Teemo the Hutt and the other heroes, quick reference guides for the game’s core mechanics, and plenty of options for advancement during Escape from Mos Shuuta and into adventures beyond.
Custom Dice Ensure Engaging Storytelling

The unique custom dice mechanic means that symbols for success, failure, and complications are all printed directly on the dice! Even a successful roll can place you under threat, and even a failure can create some advantage. This system takes all narrative conditions into account, letting players and Game Masters quickly build a dice pool for each task.

Where other RPGs’ dice systems determine success or failure as a binary state, Edge of the Empire’s custom dice allow for a rich tapestry of narrative possibilities. For example, you might succeed in wrestling a Gamorrean to the ground as you planned, but in doing so your blaster might fall from its holster and slide just out of reach. On the other hand, you might utterly fail in your attempts to lie to an Imperial customs officer, but in doing so discover that he’s open to bribery. The ever-present potential for success with complications or failure with advantages adds a host of narrative possibilities.

What Is Included in the Box?

The Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™ Beginner Game includes all the components that up to five players need to enjoy adventures on the fringes of galactic society:

1 32-page Adventure Book, 1 48-page Rulebook, and 1 Introduction Sheet
4 Full-Colour Character Folios
1 Full-Colour Double-Sided Foldout Map
14 Custom Dice
8 Destiny Tokens, 35 Character Tokens, and 5 Vehicle Tokens

A four-page intro sheet starts new players on the path to roleplaying adventure with a brief overview and example of play, then the 32-page learn-as-you-play adventure book includes thorough explanations of the rest of the contents. As an additional reference, a 48-page perfect-bound rulebook presents the game’s mechanics in a convenient format.

The Edge of the Empire Beginner Game also includes four character folios (described above) and one full-colour, double-sided foldout map. One side features the interior of the Krayt Fang (the starship that serves as the adventure’s main goal) and its surrounding hangar bay, while the reverse displays the streets of Mos Shuuta. Using this, along with the included thirty-five Character tokens and five Vehicle tokens, players will have a handy reminder of their locations and relative positions during the story. Finally, fourteen custom dice and eight Destiny tokens fuel the game’s core mechanic.
Beginner Game vs. Core Rulebook

For players who are ready for a more complex, in-depth roleplaying experience, the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire core rulebook is available. With rules for character creation and additional weapons, ships, talents, and much more, the Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook provides a more comprehensive roleplaying experience than the Beginner Game. It is the starting point for a complete line of roleplaying products, including pre-written adventures, sourcebooks with more content for hero players and GMs, and other supplements.

What is a Roleplaying Game?

A roleplaying game (RPG) is a cooperative storytelling experience. Like many games, it has rules, components, and dice to help describe and resolve the action. Unlike most games, an RPG has no winner or loser and no opposing teams. If everyone has fun, then everyone wins!

The Game Master, or the GM, serves as the judge and the storyteller. It’s his or her responsibility to present an exciting and compelling situation to the other players, and to help determine what happens next when those players respond to that situation. The GM also takes on the role of every character in the galaxy not controlled by another player. Characters controlled by the GM are called Non-Player Characters, or NPCs. GMs can invent their own stories and adventures, or use adventures written by somebody else, like the adventure included in the Edge of the Empire Beginner Game.

The other 2-4 players take on the role of individual characters in the Star Wars galaxy. There are four pre-generated hero characters included in the Edge of the Empire Beginner Game. If you are a hero player choose one of the character folios and keep it in front of you; It will explain the character you’ve chosen to play and give you a lot of information about how to play the game. Over the course of the game you will choose what your hero does and says, and use the dice and game rules to determine whether you succeed or fail. Characters controlled by hero players are called Player Characters, or PCs.”




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