Star Fleet Battles Volume I + Captain’s Module B: Terrain Maps, boxed wargame


Star Fleet Battles Volume I, boxed wargame

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Star Fleet Battles Volume I, boxed wargame

“Could You Command A Starship?

The challenge of starship command: out-thinking, out-shooting and out-manoeuvring your opponent in a warp-speed dogfight! Only your skill and cunning can bring you victory as you face other starships, fearsome monsters and unknown aliens.

Star Fleet Battles captures the excitement of individual starship combat in deep space. Each player commands one or more starships, and allocates the energy available, fires the weapons and plots movement. Hits are scored on “Ship System Displays” (included), which show the layout of the particular starship’s weapons and other systems. Movement and combat are simultaneous, based on preplotted instructions by the players. Although the situations vary, the normal objective of the game is to engage and defeat your opponent’s starships while minimising damage to your own starships.

Star Fleet Battles is the starting set for gaming in the Star Fleet Universe. Though complete in itself, Star Fleet Battles is the gateway to many different gaming possibilities in the “Final frontier”.

Included in Star Fleet Battles are:

  • The Commander’s Rulebook (NOT PRESENT)
  • 216 die-cut playing pieces (ALL PUNCHED and BAGGED – I haven’t counted, but it looks like there are a lot more than 216 counters here, so I’m guessing this includes counters from another expansion.)
  • Large 20 x 24 inch tactical map (NEAR MINT)
  • Dice (NOT PRESENT), Charts (VERY GOOD), Ship System Displays (VERY GOOD)
  • (The box is in VERY GOOD condition.)

Star Fleet Battles includes seventeen different scenarios, including solitaire, two player, and multiple player situations. Several scenarios are included for beginning players. Also included are two campaign games for extended game play.

A variety of ships are featured from the Federation, Klingon Empire, Kzinti Hegemony, Romulan Empire, Gorn Confederation, Tholian Holdfast, and the Orion Pirates fleets.”



Captain’s Module B: Terrain Maps

A scenario booklet plus six map sheets. All NEAR MINT condition.


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