Sins Core Rulebook, hardback roleplaying game


Sins Core Rulebook, hardback roleplaying game

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Sins Core Rulebook, hardback roleplaying game

“Epic Action Horror in a Dying World


You open your eyes, and find the whole world broken;
the past you knew washed away in blood and fire,
and the world all but consumed by the Sins of our Fathers.
The Song of the Mother denies the dead their rest,
and they howl for the communion of all flesh; the end of mankind.
Slavers scour the wastelands looking for the unfortunate and unwanted,
wars of faith consume what remains of humanity’s precious resources,
and the cults of long forgotten gods rise to prominence
to proclaim their eldritch dominance once more.
By all rights, you should close your eyes again,
and let the comforting darkness of Mother’s Song consume you.
However, you, and those like you, are different.
Against all odds, you fight back against the dying of the light.
You hold on to what it is that makes you human.
Against the onslaught of the coming darkness,
you refuse to yield, refuse to die,
and choose to live.
The path ahead isn’t easy,
but your rebirth grants you the strength that few beings can match.
You hold the power to drive back mankind’s enemies, and the power to rule;
To be a saviour, or a destroyer.
Will you redeem mankind’s Sins,
or draw us forever into the Darkness?
One thing is certain;
Your story is only just beginning.”



Sins was voted “Best Roleplaying Game” at UK Games Expo 2018.

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