Shop on the Borderlands Gift Voucher – £10


Shop on the Borderlands Gift Voucher – £10



We now offer electronic gift vouchers. You won’t receive a physical gift voucher, but a unique code that we will send the buyer by email. (This is done manually rather than automatically as part of the checkout process, so please don’t worry if it doesn’t arrive immediately.)

You can then print out the voucher code and stick it in a card or simply forward it on to your intended recipient etc. We won’t send the voucher to the intended recipient – that is for you to do.

The code itself can be personalised, so feel free either to email me at [email protected] or include details in the “shipping” instructions field during checkout. Being given a Shop on the Borderlands gift voucher is a cool enough present in its own right, but to a roleplayer whose favourite PC is “Strongarr the Barbarian”, think how much cooler it would be if the voucher code is “strongarr+5battleaxe”!

Vouchers come in £5, £10, £20 and £50 denominations, and of course you can buy any quantity you want of any of them. Note that if you do buy several vouchers at the same time, I will assume that they are all for the same person, and will add them up into a big single voucher.

For example, if you buy a £5 and a £20 voucher together, I will assume you want to give someone a £25 present. If you actually want to give one person a £5 present and another person a £20 present, you need to let me know, by emailing [email protected] or noting this in the “shipping” instructions at checkout.