Scorpion Swamp (8), paperback Fighting Fantasy gamebook


Scorpion Swamp (8), paperback Fighting Fantasy gamebook, by Steve Jackson

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Scorpion Swamp (8), paperback Fighting Fantasy gamebook, by Steve Jackson

“Nightmarish creatures lurk in the slimy depths of Scorpion Swamp!

You’re no fool. All your life you’ve heard tales of Scorpion Swamp and how it is criss-crossed with treacherous paths leading to the haunts of its disgusting denizens. One step out of place spells a certain and lingering death. But now, the swamp holds out the lure of treasure and glory – and you cannot resist the challenge!

Two dice, a pencil and an eraser are all you need to make your journey. YOU decide which way to go, which dangers to risk and which monsters to fight.”


No, this isn’t the Steve Jackson that you think it is who co-created Fighting Fantasy. This is the Steve Jackson of Steve Jackson Games – the American one. Confusing, eh?


The VERY GOOD copy has an unused adventure sheet.

The GOOD condition copies have some pencil annotations in the adventure sheet, plus extensive foxing.

The SPECIAL condition copy is curiously missing the adventure sheet entirely, but is otherwise complete and in FAIR condition.

The FAIR condition copy has had some mostly erased pencil annotations on the adventure sheet, a partial pencil map on the first page and some other pencil annotations on pages 18 and 19. Oh, and peculiar cartoon giraffe page number stickers on the bottom right of the first 32 pages.

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