RuneQuest Third Edition, hardback roleplaying game (Games Workshop)

RuneQuest Third Edition, hardback roleplaying game (Games Workshop)

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RuneQuest Third Edition, hardback roleplaying game (Games Workshop)

“Now in hardback book format – RuneQuest Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure – one of the world’s most acclaimed roleplaying games. Based on Chaosium’s Basic Roleplaying system, Games Workshop presents an up-to-date version of this realistic, detailed and sophisticated game.

This is the game which brought percentage-based skills systems to the forefront, allowing charcters to develop unique patterns of skills and expertise. Each RuneQuest adventurer belongs to a definite culture, and learns the crafts, trades and skills of his forefathers. Each goes on to develop greater talents – including the riches of magic – as they explore an ancient world of dark adventure.

This book contains eight main sections:

INTRODUCTION – in which the basic rules of roleplaying are explained

CREATING AN ADVENTURER – in which the system for creating the heroes you will play is detailed.

GAME SYSTEM – a guide to the rules for playing the game, which provide its sophisticated pattern of play.

COMBAT – the rules for handling combat man-to-man – or man-to-beast!

SKILLS – details the varying skills and abilities each unique character may learn

THE WORLD – rules for developing the realism of the world around you

CREATURES – varied and exciting creatures, with detailed descriptions and complete stats

MAGIC – the three forms of magic that bring the fantastic into reality”

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