RuneQuest Deluxe, softback rulebook (Mongoose)


RuneQuest Deluxe, softback rulebook (Mongoose)

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RuneQuest Deluxe, softback rulebook (Mongoose)

“Welcome to RuneQuest Deluxe, the latest version of RuneQuest, one of the most popular roleplaying games written.

RuneQuest Deluxe combines all three core RuneQuest rulebooks in one handy volume, providing Games Masters and players alike with all the most up-to-date RuneQuest rules. Included within is all the information from core RuneQuest, the RuneQuest Companion and RuneQuest Monsters, re-edited and compiled into a single tome. With the help of this book, players will have all they need to embark on adventures, while Games Masters will be able to create epic adventure. There are many other RuneQuest books available but RuneQuest contains everything one truly needs to play the game!”

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