Rune of Chaos, softback adventure for RuneQuest (Mongoose)


Rune of Chaos, softback adventure for RuneQuest (Mongoose)

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Rune of Chaos, softback adventure for RuneQuest (Mongoose)

“Rune of Chaos is an introductory scenario that gives new and old players alike a look at the newest breath of life into the RuneQuest world and game rules. From searching ruins and crossing blades with deadly monsters to hunting down treacherous villains and saving both damsel and scoundrel, RuneQuest will bring a new feel to your table.

In this adventure, Sadradi, the aged daughter of Geramaine and Susanna, has fallen quite ill and knows her life is coming to a close. Her entire life has been dedicated to the protection of her parents’ village and the people who call it home. In recent months Wofe has suffered many disappearances of livestock, with a visiting farmer having gone missing just last week. Sadradi fears that a dark evil has nestled in her quaint little town and that when she passes to the next world, it will take over the village and undo her family’s work.

Rune of Chaos is the perfect introduction to the new RuneQuest system.”

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