Rolemaster Unified Core Law, hardback roleplaying game


Rolemaster Unified Core Law, hardback roleplaying game

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Rolemaster Unified Core Law, hardback roleplaying game

“A character & combat system adaptable to any fantasy roleplaying system.


For over four decades, Rolemaster has been the definitive fantasy role-playing game that combines realism and depth without sacrificing playability. Rolemaster Unified is the next evolution drawing upon the best elements of previous editions to create a streamlined and consistent game.

Rolemaster Core Law is the cornerstone of Rolemaster Unified.

Rolemaster Core Law is divided into three parts:

Character Law: A wide range of character creation choices – 22 professions, 23 races, 10 cultures, and a comprehensive system of talents and flaws. A system of 10 temporary and potential stats determined by using both assigned and random elements. A skill development system that allows a character to improve their skill capabilities without absolute restrictions. Complete, consolidated and streamlined guidelines for resolving actions, magic and attacks.

Arms Law: the highly acclaimed combat system. Complete rules for melee, ranged and spell combat, with new effective mechanics for battling large and small monsters. 39 attack tables for weapons, animal, monstrous and spell attacks. 15 critical strike tables – Acid, Cold, Electricity, Grapple, Heat, Holy, Impact, Krush, Puncture, Slash, Steam, Strikes, Subdual, Sweeps, and Unbalance – providing injuries with explicit effects and descriptions.

Gamemaster Law: Helpful guidance on running the game with rules for healing, social skills, fear, and morale as well as environmental hazards, poisons and diseases. Rules and guidance on creating races, cultures and professions using the fully balanced mechanics employed across Rolemaster Unified.”

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