Rolemaster: The Basics (3rd edition), boxed roleplaying game


Rolemaster: The Basics (3rd edition), boxed roleplaying game

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Rolemaster: The Basics (3rd edition), boxed roleplaying game

“Rolemaster is a detailed, state-of-the-art FRP system that adds realism and depth to your campaign without sacrificing playability. Rolemaster: The Basics provides all of the elements that you need to learn to play in one of the most realistic FRP systems available. Experience the ultimate in fantasy role playing: Rolemaster.

Rolemaster: The Basics provides:

  • A selection of Rolemaster’s wide range of flexible character creation choices – 5 races, 9 professions, and 20 training packages. This allows GMs and players to learn the basics of Rolemaster without having to immediately deal with the myriad of choices provided in the Standard System.
  • A selection of spell lists from Spell Law – all of the spells for the 9 professions included in Rolemaster: The Basics.
  • A selection of attack and critical tables from Arms Law-this is all you need to resolve weapon and animal attacks.
  • Detailed material for unique character backgrounds, including: a wide variety of background options and a system of role traits (motivation, personality, etc.).
  • A system of temporary and potential stats determined by using a combination of assigned and random elements.
  • A skill development system that allows a character to develop his ability in any skill without absolute restrictions. Each skill is grouped with other related, similar skills in a skill category.
  • Complete, consolidated guidelines for resolving all actions: moving maneuvers, static maneuvers, and attacks.
  • Action sequencing based on an initiative roll and how fast a character attempts to perform the action: as a snap action (quick, but with a penalty), as a normal action, or as a deliberate action (slow, but with a bonus).”



  • Rulesbook (NEAR MINT condition)
  • The Tables & Record Sheets (NEAR MINT)
  • Of Essence (NEAR MINT)
  • Of Channeling (NEAR MINT)
  • Of Mentalism (NEAR MINT)
  • Part VI – The Appendices (NEAR MINT)

The box is in GOOD condition.

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