Rolemaster Companion, softback rulebook for Rolemaster

Rolemaster Companion, softback rulebook for Rolemaster

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Rolemaster Companion, softback rulebook for Rolemaster

“The ROLEMASTER COMPANION is a must for all ROLEMASTER and FRP fans! Every aspect of I.C.E.’s classic FRP system is expanded with optional rules and guidelines. For SPELL LAW, new Spells and Spell Lists along with natural phenomena and Arcane Magic are added. For CHARACTER LAW, new character classes and new races appear! The ROLEMASTER COMPANION also adds a wealth of new material to CREATURES & TREASURES, including the construction of magical items and plenty of new creatures to populate your world. Many new optional rules for ARMS LAW, such as a condensed combat system, are included. For the Gamesmaster, CAMPAIGN LAW is expanded with a system for generating populations as well as numerous game aids to help in the running of a smooth campaign. The ROLEMASTER COMPANION, the best roleplaying system gets even better!

• High-level spells
• New spell lists
• More monsters
• More magic items
• Condensed combat system
• New professions
• New races
• Optional system mechanics”




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