Robert E. Howard Art Chronology (Collector’s Leatherbound Edition), by Michael Tierney, four hardback artbooks in slipcase


Robert E. Howard Art Chronology (Collector’s Leatherbound Edition), by Michael Tierney, four hardback artbooks in slipcase

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Robert E. Howard Art Chronology (Collector’s Leatherbound Edition), by Michael Tierney, four hardback artbooks in slipcase

“An art history of Robert E. Howard (creator of Conan) publications in pulps, comics and novels! Four fully illustrated volumes!


Officially licensed and sanctioned by Robert E. Howard Properties LLC, Inc., this nearly 1,500 page examination of the vast publishing illustrated history of Robert E. Howard is divided into four parts. All four volumes are 9.5″ x 12.25” in size, full colour, smyth sewn hardcovers with dust jackets! The slip case will have a heavy board and gloss cover!

This project is as much a narrative history of REH’s publications as it is a visual history. Michael Tierney, the author, has combed the archives and gathered together a vast treasure trove of art, from pulp covers to interior art, from novels that range on both sides of the Atlantic to the vast array of comic books that sported REH’s amazing creations. He’s taken these and woven them into a discussion that explores the many facets of the various industries and Howard’s place within them. Rusty Burke, famed Robert E. Howard scholar, lends his editorial skills and expertise to this massive endeavour. The narrative gives the history of Howard’s work and the often legendary artists who visualised it, featuring untold stories, art that hasn’t been seen since its release, and pieces that were buried in the vaults from the beginning of his publishing history to the present day.


Four volumes, full colour, 1,500 pages, over 5,000 images, 140,000 words. These volumes are bound in genuine leather and come in a slipcase. Each leatherbound volume comes with a dustjacket featuring the artwork from the standard edition volumes. Also included with this Collector’s Edition (and not with the standard edition) are:

  • Art print of Solomon Kane, by Peter Bradley
  • Art print of Black Agnes, by Peter Bradley
  • Art print of Conan, by Sara Frazetta (Frank’s granddaughter)
  • Full colour map of the Hyborian Age


Volume 1: The Pulps

In the 1920s, Howard created the Sword & Sorcery genre with heart-pounding prose. He quickly became a staple in pulps like Weird Tales and Oriental Stories, creating characters such as Conan and Cormac FitzGeoffrey. Mysticism, sorcery and red-washed swordplay became the hallmark of his style – a style that defined the entire genre for many years to come.


Volume 2: The Books

From Frank Frazetta to Michael Whelan, countless artists have captured the look and feel of Robert E. Howard’s many characters. In Volume 2, Mr Tierney explores all the artists and publishing houses, and the art that adorns the many novels, anthologies and collections that have showcased Howard’s works over the past 80 years.


Volume 3: The Comics Part 1

Many of Howard’s creations found the perfect home in the comics, an industry that began to blossom in the 1940s – 1970s. Such iconic artists as Barry Windsor-Smith, John Buscema and Ernie Chan all created unforgettable images in comics that featured many of Howard’s characters.


Volume 4: The Comics Part 2

The volume of comics that have sported Howard’s creations is staggering, and ranges from small comics to magazines like the Savage Sword of Conan by titans in the comic industry Marvel and Dark Horse. But Conan was not the only property brought to life in the comic world: Kull, Belit, Dark Agnes, Solomon Kane and so many others found their home in the comics, both in the US and UK!”

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