Rifts Sourcebook, softback supplement for Rifts


Rifts Sourcebook, softback supplement for Rifts, by Kevin Siembieda

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Rifts Sourcebook, softback supplement for Rifts, by Kevin Siembieda

“The Rifts Sourcebook One gives the reader more of everything! More data on the Coalition States, CS combat squads, CS morality, character stats, monsters, robots, weapons, equipment and adventures! Plus a peek at the super technology and weapons of the New German Republic along with some Northern Gun bots and weapons.

Sourcebook One also introduces the ever popular A.R.C.H.I.E. 3 (a bizarre creation from the time before the Rifts), its legion of robots and its diabolical human partner, Hagan Lonovich. As well as rules for creating robot player characters. This supplement is a treasure trove of vital data and many surprises.

Highlights Include:

  • Robot Racial Character Class (an optional R.C.C.).
  • Robot NPC, villains, and adventure(s) that link the past and present of Rifts Earth.
  • More details on the Coalition and tips on how to play and Game
  • Master the Coalition characters, heroes and villains. Complete stats on Emperor Prosek and other key CS figures.
  • Skelebots and other new Coalition bots, weapons, and combat squadron information.
  • More bots, body armor, power armor, weapons and monsters. rail guns, equipment and black market data.”

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