R&D Testing Fun Pack, boxed accessory for Paranoia


R&D Testing Fun Pack, boxed accessory for Paranoia

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R&D Testing Fun Pack, boxed accessory for Paranoia

“R&D is so much fun that we wanted to offer a big reward: The R&D Testing Fun Pack. (Is the testing fun? Are we testing fun? Is the pack full of tests and fun? Yes.) In this commemorative pack are:

  • 6 Green Pencils for Troubleshooters that say ‘Fuel Rod (mini)’.
  • 1 GM Pen that says ‘Knowing Rules is Treason’.
  • Safety Poster Card with real (read: fake) R&D lab warnings such as ‘Inhaling Particulates is Theft DO NOT BREATHE’ and ‘If Alarm Sounds, Push People Down and Run Away’.
  • Pad of R&D Experimental Equipment Release Forms, ready to inflict on your players.
  • 25 ‘Heroes of R&D’ trading cards featuring the most important and/or dangerous people, locations and experiments that are part of this fine service group. Also containing rules for dropping them into missions.
  • Exclusive short mission, never to be found elsewhere: ‘Smocks!’. An experiment in armour technology goes missing while the Communists fight the Communists for control of the Communists. Guess who gets to fix both problems?
  • All in a special presentation pack!”


This boxed set was originally a stretch goal for the Project infinite Hole kickstarter campaign, and is not generally available at retail.


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