Rascals, softback roleplaying game


Rascals, softback roleplaying game, by Giles Pritchard

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Rascals, softback roleplaying game, by Giles Pritchard

“Rascals is a science fiction table top role playing game of action and adventure. The game system uses traditional playing cards and poker chips, and is designed to bring the tension, twists of fortune, and calculated gambles of action adventure stories to the fore. Rascals is ideal for 2-5 players, including the GM.

You are Rascals: ex-special forces, spies, or crooks. Hard boiled types who worked together in the hottest zones during the former unpleasantness. You were some of the few who managed to get out, make a new life, but something has changed all that…

Now the old crew is together again, you Rascals who survived the bloody final years of terrible war, have been pulled back. An abominable plot is unfolding in secret…

From high-tech cityscapes to shattered habitation domes, through the heaving corridors of stations in chaos to empty transfer stations and the broken worlds beyond… Where will your path lead, and what awaits at journey’s end?

Rascals is inspired by such movies as Rogue One, Bourne, Mad Max: Fury Road, Mission Impossible, The Dirty Dozen, The Seven Samurai, The Old Guard, Atomic Blonde, and so on.

Rascals is 36 interior pages, and a 4 page cover. The interior of the zine will be printed on 115 GSM silk paper, while the cover will be 250 GSM with a soft-touch laminate finish.

All of the art in Rascals is original work created by Juan Ochoa.

Inside the zine you will find rules for character creation, a problem generation system for the House (the Rascals term for the GM), rules for actions, reactions, special powers and tricks, as well as rules for combat, space ships and vehicles. A lot is packed in to 36 pages!

Call it in…”

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