Ralph Horsley: An Art Adventure, hardback artbook + SIGNED PRINT


Ralph Horsley: An Art Adventure, hardback artbook + SIGNED PRINT



Ralph Horsley: An Art Adventure, hardback artbook + SIGNED PRINT

“A career retrospective art book spanning over thirty years of paintings and drawings.

Heed the call to art adventure! After countless seasons of adventuring in the art-wilds I bring you the fruits of my quests! A precious treasure-trove of my art, bound into a mighty full-colour tome!

“Ralph Horsley! His work is exceptional, from his sketches to his finished paintings! His originality is a huge unique finger print that distinguishes his work from any other. His art is dynamic in its design and execution. I love his work. On top of that, he is one great guy.” — Larry Elmore

I feel deeply privileged to have made a career out of creating artwork. I’m asking for your help to create Ralph Horsley: An Art Adventure, a book celebrating that journey by collating together over 400 paintings and drawings into one volume.

This hardback, high-end publication presents my work in the style of a roleplaying supplement. The chapters are presented thematically, including adventuring, a bestiary, combat, and, of course, dragons. It will present the best of my artwork from Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, World of Warcraft, and many other games.

You’ll learn about my history in art and illustration, and enjoy page after page of beautifully printed, full colour artwork.”



We have two copies of the book in stock. Each comes with a different signed print. SO you can choose to buy the book with a signed print of either the front cover (gold dragon) or back cover (scribe). These are numbered prints (both numbered “9”, as we were the ninth backer in the Kickstarter campaign).


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Signed Print

Front Cover (Dragon), Back Cover (Scribe)