Player Guide, softback supplement for Rolemaster


Player Guide, softback supplement for Rolemaster

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Player Guide, softback supplement for Rolemaster

“This book contains everything a beginning Rolemaster player needs to know about how to play. This solves the problem of trying to introduce new players to Rolemaster, only to have them balk at the immense volume of information to absorb. In addition, veteran Rolemaster players will find the pre-generated character and summarized rules a great reference!

Here is what you will find inside:

  • A general overview of the Rolemaster system, everything that is needed for most decisions a player must make.
  • Eleven fully developed characters, with information for every single level from first to tenth (including special items gained and lost).
  • Attack tables for the player to use (along with the appropriate critical strike tables and fumble table.)
  • Spell lists, spell attack tables, spell critical tables, and spell failure table.
  • The General Static Manoeuvre Table and the Moving Manoeuvre Table.”



This copy has been covered in transparent plastic. It is otherwise in NEAR MINT condition.

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