Pirates (Campaign Classics), softback supplement for Rolemaster, MERP and Fantasy Hero


Pirates (Campaign Classics), softback supplement for Rolemaster and Fantasy Hero

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Pirates (Campaign Classics), softback supplement for Rolemaster and Fantasy Hero

“Sail the high seas of the Spanish Main, where living is easy and gold doubloons flow out of Spain’s New World Colonies like water! Swashbuckle your way into the world of Blackbeard and Long John Silver. Try on Henry Morgan’s boots for size! Navigate the blue waters of the Caribbean, hack your way into the steamy jungles of the Yucatan, or prowl the waterways of the Red Sea, in search of adventure, fame and fabulous fortune!

PIRATES creates an extraordinary campaign setting, the world of 17th- and 18th-Century pirates and buccaneers. All you need to know about pirate life on sea and in port is here in these 160 pages. Design your own adventures in the tradition of Robert Louis Stevenson—and live them!

Inside PIRATES you’ll find:

  • Two fully detailed campaigns: “The Buccaneer” and “The Pirate,” set in 1630-1725, the heyday of sea-faring highwaymen.
  • Combat rules, maps, ship designs, and “pirate life” notes galore!
  • Six adventures and four adventure scenarios for brave pirates of any era.
  • Plenty of background color, ideal for GMs and garners, presenting the world of the 1600’s from the West Indies to Africa—the favorite hunting grounds of real-life pirates!
  • Stats and gaming notes for Rolemaster, Fantasy Hero and MERP gamers, making PIRATES as easy to use as an adventure module.”

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