Operation Perfect Blue, softback roleplaying game


Operation Perfect Blue, softback roleplaying game, by Mike Whitehead and Joe Meyers

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Operation Perfect Blue, softback roleplaying game, by Mike Whitehead and Joe Meyers

“It is the year 4029. The Tri-Galaxies are prospering with intergalactic trade. However, the CryAg which powers starships and freighters is nearly exhausted. Very rare and only occurring on select planets, this miracle power source is the only thing that makes intergalactic trade possible. The mining corporations who sell it are the most powerful entities in the universe. Unfortunately, large freighters and starships exhaust the supply more quickly than it can be mined. And supplies are running out.

That was, until Triaxy discovered your planet. Rich with the precious mineral, they swindled your government out of their own planet and filed for Waste Planet status within the Trigalactic Union. The mining and processing of all this CryAg is destroying the world, and your people are held as slaves awaiting mass eradication.

Operation: Perfect Blue is a last ditch effort by the remaining people of your planet to take back what is rightfully theirs. As BLUE Level operatives, the fate of the planet is in your hands!

Perfect Blue is a role-playing game of sci-fi military combat. Players assume the role of Perfect Blue operatives and must build and design their base of operations from which to launch their assaults against the evil Triaxy regime. Players must hire their soldiers and budget their base. They must please the corporate powers who fund them while still seek a means to accomplish their own goals.

  • Design, build and maintain your base of operations
  • Research and develop new technologies to use in the game
  • Start a manufacturing facility to make your own unique weapons and equipment
  • Play the role of Perfect Blue soldiers and go on covert missions to destroy Triaxy targets
  • Assume the role pf your Executive Characters to handle diplomatic issues and seek out new sources of funding
  • Pilot starships, massive walkers and other military vehicles
  • A complete RPG, containing combat rules, skills and a plethora of races and soldier types to choose from.”

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