Onward, softback roleplaying game


Onward, softback roleplaying game, by Adam Vass

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Onward, softback roleplaying game, by Adam Vass

“A GM-less city-building story game of hope and creation.

ONWARD is a story-focused RPG for 1-6 players.

Build and portray unique structures in a societal city. Your buildings act as the keepers of your city, exerting your will through the creation and actions of somewhat unpredictable humanoid life that resides in and explores around your city.

Debate, align, or barter with the other sentient buildings in your city as you act as a unified city to protect your structures from outside forces, offer growth to your human population and further your own personal agendas.

Requires a bunch of index cards, at least 4d6 per player, a bowl or mug to contain dice, and a flat surface on which to play.”

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