Mythic Rome, hardback supplement for Mythras


Mythic Rome, hardback supplement for Mythras, by Pete Nash

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Mythic Rome, hardback supplement for Mythras, by Pete Nash

“A historical supplement for Mythras. Welcome the birth of the Roman Republic, and follow it through to its murderous end, on a tumultuous ride through some of its most turbulent history.

Mythic Rome encapsulates the dark and gritty past, allowing players to take part in the founding of Rome: as a bandit on the Tiber; to overthrow the tyrannical Seven Kings; conquer the rival Etruscan city states; watch the city be sacked by Gauls; battle Hannibal during the Punic Wars; take part in the malevolent Bacchanalian conspiracy; fight alongside Spartacus or against him; or choose sides during the civil war between Caesar and Pompey.

This invaluable book contains rules for everything from political standing to chariot racing, along with comprehensive Roman careers and guides for the weapons, armour and combat styles of Rome’s legions and her enemies. Also included are obscure supernatural creatures and new magic systems to reflect the way magic works from the perspective of the Romans themselves.

Continuing the quality and historical depth of the Design Mechanism’s Mythic series, Mythic Rome stands as one of the best historical roleplaying supplements of all time, describing in intricate detail every aspect of everyday Roman life. Indeed, this book is packed with quotations written during the last days of the Republic, revealing shocking details of Rome the eternal city… a shining pinnacle of civilisation built upon a grisly foundation of crime, superstition, war and treachery.

Mythic Rome is not a stand-alone game. You will need the Mythras rules to make full use of the content.”


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