Mystic War, boxed card game


Mystic War, boxed card game

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Mystic War, boxed card game

“Conflict is brewing and YOU are in the thick of it!

The Ancient Mage, older than most of your texts, has passed on from the Mystic Lands! You and your fellow apprentices are each left with only the knowledge gained from a few months of study, a pouch of gold, five servants and a scroll which begins:

“To reign as the new master of magic, you must be the first to complete your task…”

Can YOU combine a bit of luck, wise rulership and clever spell casting to become the new Master of Magic?



  • 82 Action Cards (PRESENT
  • 12 Victory Cards (PRESENT
  • 1 First Player Card (PRESENT
  • 8 Realm Mats (MINT)
  • 56 Resource Disks (PRESENT
  • 1 Rules of Play (NEAR MINT)
  • 2 Card Description Sheets (MINT)”

The box is in VERY GOOD condition.

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