Monster Coliseum, boxed supplement for RuneQuest


Monster Coliseum, boxed supplement for RuneQuest

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Monster Coliseum, boxed supplement for RuneQuest

“Arena Combat & Chariot Racing for RuneQuest

As the best launches himself at the seemingly easy target, lightly armoured Tallia nimbly dodges his razor-sharp claws and drives her spear deep into Bloodfeather’s chest. Leaping upon his back, she rides the wildly-thrashing creature until he falls, exhausted and bleeding. Tallia slowly rises from the dust of the arena, staggering once as the crowd erupts into cheers. Tallia glances toward the governor of the games, who points his thumb to the ground. Bloodfeather, the Griffin who killed the last eight opponents that stood against him, is doomed.

Usually the flying assault of a griffin is too swift to counter, but Tallia is an essedaria – trained in the use of spear. Derived from Roman examples, Monster Coliseum adapts gladiatorial types and coliseum combat procedures to the RuneQuest rules, explains coliseum construction methods, describes pre-game ceremony, and instances types of combats.


Monster Coliseum includes:

  • Monster Book (VERY GOOD condition)
  • Coliseum Book (VERY GOOD)
  • Play Aids Book (NEAR MINT, counters are partially CUT)
  • Track Sections (VERY GOOD)
  • Rangestick (VERY GOOD)
  • Arena Floorplan in 15mm scale (VERY GOOD)”

The box is in GOOD condition.

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