Modern War, softback Cepheus Engine roleplaying game


Modern War, softback Cepheus Engine roleplaying game

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Modern War, softback Cepheus Engine roleplaying game

“Modern War is a complete squad-level game that opens up roleplaying for a wide-range of modern military-themed settings. It is based on (and fully compatible with) the science-fiction game called Cepheus Engine*. With almost 70 military vehicles, 90 firearms and comprehensive military careers, the game can be set anytime in the past thirty years: 2019, 1999, 1989 – no matter. But it can also be used for almost any science-fiction or horror cross-over setting that you can imagine.

This book contains infantry creation rules with kit lists, guidelines on how to game-master a squad-level game and combat rules that factor in area fire and the inability to see your foe. There are squad templates from modern militaries, suggestions for building squad-based adventures and six fictional future war scenarios.

  • How to roleplay a squad of infantrymen.
  • Playing the crew of a tank or APC.
  • Future wars! Six fictional wars to set your games within.
  • Vehicles – almost 70 military vehicles with stats.
  • Firearms – almost 90 firearms, with Cepheus Engine stats.
  • Rules for skiiing, combat swimming, NBC protection … and more.
  • Suppression, area fire and the uncertainty and chaos of modern battlefield combat.
  • Detailed equipment lists.
  • Create infantry, tank crews, chopper pilots, even civilians or intel officers.”

*Cepheus Engine is the open source SF RPG derived from and compatible with Mongoose Traveller.

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