MegaTraveller SuperMegaDeal


MegaTraveller SuperMegaDeal

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MegaTraveller SuperMegaDeal


MegaTraveller was the second edition of Traveller, dealing with a time of civil war in the Imperium. This bundle gives you everything you need to play.


What you get:

  • MegaTraveller Player’s Manual, Referee’s Handbook & Imperial Encyclopedia (but no box)
  • Referee’s Companion
  • Rebellion Sourcebook
  • 101 Vehicles
  • Solomani & Aslan
  • Vilani & Vargr
  • The Flaming Eye
  • Manhunt: The Omnesium Quest 1 (NEW)
  • Imperiallines newsletter issue 1


Condition for most items is VERY GOOD. The actual box is missing from the main boxed set, but the three books are all there. Manhunt: The Omnesium Quest was released quite recently and is a MINT & NEW item.

Our usual price for these items would be £473.99, but we’ll let you have the lot for half that in our sale!

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