Mecha Compendium, softback d20 supplement


Mecha Compendium, softback d20 supplement

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Mecha Compendium, softback d20 supplement

“From epic magical fantasy to the high tech far future, the D20 Mecha Compendium brings the mechanized action genre to life with eleven adventure settings, all complete with world background, campign ideas and pre-designed machines. This book is an essential companion to the d20 Game Master!

The d20 Mecha Compendium delivers the firepower and strength that players need to deal with those awkward situations where the party is running for their lives. Control a towering magical knight that can go toe-to-toe with dragons, a transformable superpowered aerofighter, or anything in-between!

The d20 Mecha Compendium holds nearly a hundred mecha designs and variants from a variety of game worlds spanning several genres, from magical fantasy to space opera by way of the modern day. In addition to brand new, never-seen-before designs, the book contains 3rd edition game statistics for Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles and Gear Krieg mecha! Game Masters and players alike will find the d20 Mecha Compendium an indispensable aid in populating their campaigns.”

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